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Alternative Fashion Bolivian Cholas

Because Bolivia is a country with extreme traditional indigenous influence, the style that stands out is obviously just that traditional ingigenous. So heres more alternate fashion for you guys. The indigenous women have a very distinct look. To me, it seemed, as if the majority of the women i saw were dressed traditionally. These women are proud of their outfits, which cost them a lot of money! Usually about one month of pay for a complete outfit. The fancy versions are especially expensive, which they usually wear only once, for a special occasion, and then never again. Apprently these outfits can cost up to a few thousand dollars American. There are three signature items to their outfits: the bowler hat, the skirt, and their "manta", a.k.a shawl. You will also often see them using a traditional hand made blanket over their back to carry children or other goods, such as food, wood, etc. Under their skirt, they wear many other skirts to make them look wider and emphazie their child-bearing hips. They almost look as wide as they are tall, and this is what their community considers beautiful! Its an extremely interesting look. There are many Bolivan parades and festivals where they flaunt these women flaunt fancier more colorful versions of these outfits adorned with gold and silver and sequins and tassles! I went to a parade, and it was stunning to see all the elaborate variations! Being there got definetely got me into liking shawls. They look really nice and are really conformtable, not to mention that in Bolivia they are georgous and hand made. I think they are a wonderful accesory for every culture. Another part of their style that isn´t is obvious is the alpaca wool leg warmers that they wear under their skirts. These are the coolest leg warmers i have ever seen! so i bought four pairs! By the way the picutres i posted arent mine, becuase im not using my laptop right now. Steph


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